Live In CT? Need Bulk Organic Compost? You Found It.

Organic Leaf Compost

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Gardeners everywhere know one thing, quality compost is essential for maintaining a thriving garden. If you live in Ct or Western Ny, we can help. At Grillo Services we do our fair share of composting.

Our 20 acre Milford, Ct operation processes thousands of tons of leaves, grass, and brush into beautiful organic compost annually.

Organic waste is brought to us from municipalities (Greenwich, Trumbull, Ansonia, & Milford to name a few), landscapers, and even homeowners.  We use our Morbark Tub Grinder to process these materials. By uniformly grinding these materials we speed up the compost process, larger pieces of material take longer to break down.

After the materials are ground, we put them in wind-rows on our site, turning them quarterly with a machine similar to the one below.

The machine is used to get air to the center of the wind-row. Without this the aerobic bacteria will not be able to function properly, and the compost will take longer to complete.

Organic Leaf Compost

I am stressing the fact that we produce our own compost for one simple fact; we know what is in it. By using only suitable organic waste, we create an organic compost fit for growing consumables. There is nothing other than clean organic material entering our wind-rows, ensuring only the highest quality, chemical-free compost.

After the compost is finished composting we screen it so there are no rocks or debris over 3/4″ size in the compost. This makes for a wonderfully fertile, finely screened growing medium.

Grillo compost is used all over the State of Ct. Our main customers are homeowners and landscapers looking to add nutrient rich compost to their gardens. Besides the large vegetables grown with our compost, it has also been used to grow championship pumpkins.

Grillo Services is one of Ct’s largest producers of Organic Compost

As a compost producer we are capable of supplying even the largest amounts of material, and delivering it anywhere in the area. Our large bodied tri-axle trucks hold up to 32 cubic yards of compost. We also have medium sized trucks that hold up to 10 cubic yards. Like I said, whatever the amount, we can deliver. If that is not necessary you can pick it up yourself, our compost is sold in 1/2 yard increments.

2002 Kenwoth Tri-axle Dump Truck - This is a Rate 2 Vehicle

2002 Kenwoth Tri-axle Dump Truck - This is a Rate 2 Vehicle

We also offer custom mixes. People grow different things, and different plants have different needs. That is why we offer custom orders at no additional charge. You only pay for the material being mixed, not for the mixing itself. Some people like to order our “garden mix,” which is a 50/50 mix of topsoil and compost. Others have us make them mixes with 3 yards of topsoil, and two yards of compost. Any of our materials can be mixed together, we also have no limit on how many materials can be mixed together. This allows you, the consumer, the ability to get a product specialized for your individual need.

Besides compost we also produce topsoil as well as bark and wood mulches. Other products include decorative gravels, sands, and dumpster rental service.

Grillo Services is open to the landscape industry, and public alike. Discounts are only given for large orders. Ask us over the phone if you need a bulk amount (20 yards +), and we may be able to take some money off. Our prices are the same for the landscaper, and homeowner alike. A customer is a customer, and we do our best to satisfy them all.

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